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Last year after the cycling industry’s annual trade show known as Interbike, I did a write-up on some of the best value mountain bikes for 2015. Now, just as then, the amount of bike you can get for 00 has never been higher. But using the term “affordable” is always risky – what’s affordable for one person can be way over the budget of another. For the hardcore enthusiast mountain biker, spending 00-00 (or more) is the norm. But for a vast majority of riders out there, 00 is the absolute upper limit of their bike buying budget. And of course, for others even 00 is way too much (click here for our 27 best bikes under 00 guide).

Trends for budget bikes

So, we visited several manufacturers at Interbike and asked them to show us their best value mountain bike near 00. We told them it could be from any category as long as it was in the price range. Some trends we noticed while researching this article:

  • 00 is a key price point for most brand (more shops will sell 00-00 bikes than 00+ dream bikes)

  • dropper posts are becoming more readily available at this price point

  • 1x drivetrains can be found on some models here (thanks mostly to SRAM’s GX line)

  • carbon frames still remains exclusive to hardtails at k and below

  • with the exception of fat bikes, dirt jumpers and some DH rigs – 26ers are truly dead

Out of the 13 bikes featured here, 9 are full suspension bikes and 4 are hardtails. Seven of the bikes roll on 27.5″ wheels, three are 29ers, two are 27.5 Plus and there is one lone 26er in the group. The selection includes two race ready carbon hardtails, two Plus bikes, one electric fat bike and several enduro/trail oriented full boingers (with alloy frames). Shown here in order from the least expensive to most expensive is our round up of 13 best affordable mountain bikes for 2016 around 00.

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The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 710 is an alloy version of the high-end carbon Thunderbolt. This version offers a lot of performance for the price.

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